Plan to be pleasantly surprised.

Once we receive your benefits plan information, census and enrollment data (if applicable) it only takes us 48 hours (yes - you read that correctly) to stand-up your plan.


Now, back to planning.  During our kick-off meeting we'll discuss your start date, duration, and shut-down dates.

We'll also need to know about each plan and the employee contributions.  And of course, we'll need your  Census data.  If you want to do a passive enrollment we'll need the enrollment data as well.

We can even help with your Communications through Coolifi, our benefits engagement solution.




We love fast (and accurate) implementations.  In fact we love them so much we  have implementation contests.  Enough of that, let's get to the heart of the matter.


For each plan, we need the name, description, dependencies, and employee contributions.  For each employee we also need: name, hire date, address, email, eligibility (we can compute that too, but that takes a few extra days), class, and any special rules.  If you like, we can even load their current enrollment information.

Once the plans are loaded and the data is staged we build the payroll and carrier interfaces.

Our last step is to thoroughly test the system to make sure it's working as planned.



And now the best part - going live!

We will monitor activity to ensure smooth sailing.

We will even handle employee calls and help them enroll through our domestic Employee Contact Center. 

At the end of Open Enrollment we will provide you with:

1. Summary

2. Payroll Interface

3. Carrier Interface

4. Employee Contact Center Summary

Stepping back, pretty incredible, right?!  Say "goodbye" to complex implementations and "hello" to fast and easy.



Why Pop-ups?
Our Vision

It's quite simple really.  Our vision is to help make Open Enrollment super easy for employers and their brokers!  Once we earn your business we will be happy to also help you with on-going benefits communications through Coolifi, ACA compliance through Smart1095, and healthcare cost management (through our eligibility and claims auditing services).


We've been providing benefits administration for over 2 years.  Our clients range from 50 to 25,000 employees.  Tens of thousands of employees have enrolled through this exact same portal.  Not only does it work, but it's also HIPAA-compliant.  We also use other commercially available software from leading companies like MailChimp (employee emails) and Tableau (data visualization).


Pop-up retail stores and websites are literally popping up every day.    Much like Halloween and Christmas pop-ups there's a need for a short-term solution.  Oh and by the way, if you need to use our platform throughout the year for new hires and life events, we are happy to be of service!



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